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Non English Language Drama 24


Theme Festival - Non-English-language Drama


Non-English-language drama has moved beyond noire to provide a stylish alternative for audiences who now have a voracious appetite for subtitled drama. This festival shines a light on some of the most distinguished shows on offer from international suppliers.

Programming Profile

Non-English literary adaptations are a turn-up for the books


Demand for non-English-language drama has flourished thanks to streaming and, as in the English-language sector, the impact is now being felt in the market for literary IP.


International demand for drama in languages other than English has been rising for years but seems to have taken another leap forward in recent months, as demonstrated at the various trade fairs and conferences so far this year.


Sometimes it’s South Korean dramas hogging the headlines and landing the big deals, other times it’s Turkish or Japanese. But for a while now Spanish-language content has been much sought after, following growing demand for such programming among the global streamers and the apparent implosion of the English-language US industry in recent months.