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Director: Ziad Doueiri

Producer: Nicolas Duval Adassovsky

Writer: Eric Benzekri in collaboration with Laure Chichmanov and Anthony Gizel

Cast: Nina Meurisse, Ana Girardot, Benjamin Biolay, Alassane Diong

Genres: Drama

6 X 1 HR

The stars of French football are celebrating the end of the season with a high-profile party full of glitz and glamour. But a scandal erupts when star player Fodé Thiam violently headbutts his coach and uses a racist slur against him, inciting angry demands to exclude Fodé from the team. The club hires Sam, a brilliant but emotionally unstable PR fixer, to diffuse the crisis and save the team's future. Sam’s journey takes a personal turn when she discovers that her former best friend, now a far-right influencer, is working to exploit this situation for political gain. As the case unfolds, it tears painful rifts in modern society and sparks the biggest fight of Sam’s career, pitting her against her most feared adversary.