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Director: Fred Grivois

Producer: White Lions Films

Writer: Thomas Bidegain, Fred Grivois, Valentine Monteil

Cast: Margot Bancilhon, JoeyStarr, Alysson Paradis

Genres: Drama


This is the story of a woman who wants to be forgotten. With a commando unit of the DRSD (military intelligence unit) on her tail, she hides in a small town, taking on a menial job in a local factory. No one knows her name, so everyone calls her... Machine. The factory is on the verge of closing down and the workers’ fight is on. Machine, who wanted to keep a low profile, suddenly finds herself caught in the fires of a workers' revolt. But what the Korean owners, the local prefect and the unions don't know is that this little temp is a former Special Forces operative and a master in martial arts. From solitary combat to workers solidarity, Machine, who already knows how to fight, is now going to learn how to battle.