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Director: Ed Thomas

Producer: Meinir Stoutt

Executive Producer: Ed Thomas, Ynyr Williams, Gwenllian Gravelle

Writer: Ed Thomas

Cast: Rhodri Meilier, Richard Harrington, Hannah Daniel

Genres: Drama, Factual

6 x 1 hour

Written and created by Hinterland/ Y Gwyll’s Ed Thomas, this Welsh language drama drew in slot winning figures following its BBC launch. The six aprt drama delivers a rich mix of dark humour, unique characters and a touch of the absurd, as it follows the lives of two unlikely heroes’, whose quiet existence is changed in an instant when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Clive and Margaret live a quiet life in the rural Welsh town of Penwyllt. It’s a gentle, chocolate-box-like place, but Clive is aware things are changing and cracks in the idyllic town are starting to show: the police are investigating mysterious fires in the countryside, and he can’t help but feel something darker could be going on.

When Margaret’s sister and her husband Glyn got on holiday, Clive says he’ll cat sit. One night, Clive and Margaret sneak over to the house and drink like naughty teenagers.

But when Glyn surprises them by coming home early, in her shock and unaware it is him, Margaret makes a split decision and smashes a bottle over his head, accidentally killing him. This one act turns their lives upside down and sets off a catalogue of disasters and curious happenings.