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Producer: Closer Productions

Genres: Comedy, Format

4K + HD 6 x 30’

Having burned all his bridges, volatile chef Easton West sells his name to a Shanghai conglomerate keen to exploit the last ounce of his wavering fame. But when he dumps a pig carcass on a critic’s lap and punches the restaurant owner’s son, the subsequent social media tsunami washes Easton ashore in the Adelaide Hills.

Arriving like a pariah to a dysfunctional family he abandoned 25 years previously, it’s only his outspoken 18-year-old pastry cook niece, Diana, who shows any interest. Easton realises that Diana represents everything he’s not – young, female and fresh – and takes her under his wing in an effort to crawl his way back to relevance.

But what price is Diana, on the cusp of becoming a prodigy, willing to pay to work with her infamously difficult uncle?

Darkly humorous, Aftertaste is set in the stunning Adelaide Hills wine region, and features a diverse cast of international characters reflecting the international relevance and appeal of ‘foodie culture’.

From Closer Productions, the multi award-winning production company known for distinctive content that features outstanding talent and resonates strongly with international audiences, Aftertaste stars Erik Thomson, Natalie Abbott and Rachel Griffiths.