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Director: Mara Joly

Producer: Dominique Veillet

Executive Producer: Brigitte Lemonde, Mara Joly, Miryam Charles

Writer: Mara Joly

Cast: Charlotte Massé , Penande Estime, Steve Diouf, Érika Suarez, Samuel Gauthier, Karl Walcott

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

6 x 45min

Set in the heart of a disadvantaged neighbourhood, STILL I RISE tells the rough-and-tumble story of Maxime Salomon, a policewoman who introduces four troubled young adults to mixed martial arts, hoping to give them a fighting chance at keeping their crime sheets clean. The idea does not meet with the unanimous approval of her colleagues and could cost her dearly. Can fighting fire with fire finally put a stop to a vicious cycle of violence when young adults are caught up in it for far too long?

STILL I RISE is a story about struggle, both in life and on the street. After a difficult childhood where the rug was pulled out from under them more than they could count, the young marginals in the series must now face their first round in the adult school of hard knocks...Can fighting fire with fire finally put a stop to the vicious cycle of violence they’ve been caught up in for far too long? STILL I RISE plunges into the gritty reality of life for today’s multiethnic inner-city youth with hope, authenticity, and kindness.