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  • Netflix nears 140 million subscribers
    US streamer Netflix grew its subscriber base by 8.8 million users in the fourth quarter of 2018 to reach 139 million global paying members, but revenues were lower than anticipated.
  • Montgomery's Wheelhouse staffs up
    Wheelhouse Entertainment, the talent and content company founded last year by former ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery, has set up its senior leadership team.
  • BritBox – North America
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: BritBox’s subscriber growth continues, bolstered by a widening originals and coproduction strategy.
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  • New social circles
    By Denis Crushell
    Broadcasters have become more comfortable with sharing their content online but they can do more to take advantage of the opportunities in 2019.
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Reports and analysis

DR alters course

Danish public broadcaster DR has been a pioneer of foreign-language drama that travels but is rethinking its approach in the face of competition from streamers.

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An array of new entrants means the international TV drama boom is set to continue into 2019 and beyond.

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A flurry of new players is poised to enter the video-on-demand market, raising the stakes yet again among digital buyers.

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From video search and recommendation through to production, analytics and advertising, artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the television industry.

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