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  • AMC's Collier to join new-look Fox
    AMC president Charlie Collier is to head entertainment for the new-look Fox, with Gary Newman, co-chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group, set to leave the company.
  • Netflix closes Marvel's Cage
    US streamer Netflix has cancelled its superhero series Luke Cage after two seasons as it continues to tweak its range of Marvel shows.
  • History – US
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: Gary Lico examines US cablenet History’s schedule for new programming opportunities.

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  • A good idea is a good idea forever
    By Clive Whittingham
    The unscripted scene down at Mipcom in Cannes this week was all about new players taking on the market with old ideas.
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Opportunity matrix

Despite all the hype around AI and the media industry’s resistance to change, the technology will ultimately enhance productivity across the sector.

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From video search and recommendation through to production, analytics and advertising, artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the television industry.

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The rise of global streamers and a wave of industry consolidation have transformed the role of traditional television distributors.

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The UK remains known for creating some of the world’s most popular TV shows, but it’s under threat from US streamers and Brexit.

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