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Harness the power of the world’s leading connect community. C21Screenings is the world’s leading online B2B platform, where you can reach 200,000 content industry executives every month, carrying thousands of new shows from hundreds of the world’s leading suppliers 24/7.

C21Screenings provides clients aiming to reach the world’s buyers, commissioners, financiers and every other constituency within this community that delivers.

Don’t delay! Connect your programming, brand and vision to international buyers looking for your content now!


It all starts with a C21Screenings Suite…

Create your own digital suite and upload your catalogue to the suite.

This is available to all C21 users to browse your shows connecting you with thousands of buyers every month.

Your suite is also available on iPad and Android to use as a mobile screenings tool.


Run regular Screenings Campaigns

The world’s leading players use C21Screenings to launch shows and promote catalogues with dedicated campaigns on C21Screenings.

This targeted, cost-effective initiative puts you in control and harnesses the power of the world’s leading online programme market to deliver your shows and message to the world.

C21 interviews your talent or executives to build a compelling story around each campaign which is then mailed to C21’s community of over 75,000 global execs, together with promos of your new shows.


Run regular digital premieres

The world’s leading distributors now use C21Screenings to launch shows with exclusive Digital Premieres.

Each Digital Premiere features a screening of a new show – or trailer for a new show – alongside a video interview with key talent from behind and in front of the camera. The package also includes interviews with the executives responsible for taking the show out internationally.

The premieres can be either live, on-demand, or both, and support password-protected access to each event.
Participate in Theme Festivals

Regular Theme Festivals on C21Screenings dig into different genres and shine a light on the best programming to acquire in each area.

To keep supporting the demand for finished tape programming, C21 Digital Screenings is continuing on with a series of genre-focused Theme Festivals for 2022, which will carry on running every two weeks on the world’s leading online programme market.
Promote your Hot Properties

Each month the C21 Hot Properties Digital Screenings includes a report on new shows that are set to make an impact on the global market to help programme suppliers reach global buyers with effective viral marketing solutions.

C21 Hot Properties Digital Screenings Event is promoted on the home page of and C21 Digital Screenings and a bespoke mailer sees all programmes and interviews distributed to 75,000 international entertainment executives.


There is no better way to take your new programming to market.

Talk to us more about how to harness the power of the world’s leading content community and use C21Screenings to boost sales with the market leader.
Hayley Salt – Sales manager
[email protected]
Malvina Marque – Senior sales executive
[email protected]

Courtney Brewster – Production and events coordinator
[email protected]