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Director: Antti-Jussi Annila

Producer: Helsinki-Filmi

Writer: Aleksi Bardy and Mia Ylönen

Cast: Sannah Nedergård, Ardalan Esmaili, Clarisse Lhoni-Botte

Genres: Drama


Finnish detective Emma Haka is still completing her undercover training when she gets sent on a mission into Stockholm's corrupt world of fine art trade.

The calm and collected Emma takes on the wild and fiery alias of Annika Stormare with the goal of getting closer to gallerist Rasmus Ståhlgren, the suspect in a case being built against the previously untouchable money launderer Blanko.

As the investigation takes Emma deeper into the underworld, lines start to blur between her and Annika – who was once alive, and left a tangled web of mysteries in her wake.

To stay on Blanko's trail, Emma must make choices that may change the lives of her and her loved ones forever – and try not to lose herself in the process.