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Director: Huw Chiswell

Producer: Llyr Morus, Iwan 'Iwcs' Roberts

Executive Producer: Adrian Bate

Cast: Gwïon Morris Jones, Mark Lewis Jones, Dyfan Roberts, Lois Meleri-Jones, Graham Land, Siw Hughes, Ali Yassine, Owen Arwyn

Genres: Drama

6 x one hour

Based on Iwan (Iwcs) Roberts’ first novel ‘Dal y Mellt’, Rough Cut is a 6-part drama series, set in contemporary Wales, which takes us on a roller-coaster journey from Cardiff to Holyhead, from London to Dublin and to the farm of Bwlch y Gloch in old Caernarfonshire.

Bad luck follows our hero CARBO (26) like a bad penny and being apprehended by the likes of MICI FINN and LES MOORE doesn’t help. GRONW, the old farmer, has asked them to find Carbo, not just because he’s an excellent mechanic, he’s also a first-class lock picker.

Life is about to test Carbo in ways he could never have imagined. And we follow Carbo’s trials and tribulations as he weaves his way in and out of the lives of the other characters, hell-bent on his own survival as he finds himself an unwitting part of a huge diamond heist.