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Director: Renée Blanchar

Producer: Frédérique Traversy, Dominique Veillet, Micheline Arbez

Executive Producer: Brigitte Lemonde, Louis Paquin

Writer: Renée Blanchar

Cast: Romane Denis, Martine Francke, Marie-Ève Fontaine, Janie Faucher-Roy, Gaston Lepage, Léa-Kim Lafrance Leroux

Genres: Drama

24 x 22min

Inspired by and adapted from the actual writings of the celebrated Canadian novelist Gabrielle Roy (The Tin Flute, Children of My Heart, Street of Riches, Enchantment and Sorrow), BECOMING GABRIELLE is a coming-of-age story that sees young Gabrielle fight to escape her fate and emancipate herself through arts and literature, from her withdrawn hometown in Manitoba, Canada, to her eye-opening journey to Europe, just before WW2.