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Hot Properties June 2022

Programming Profile

Hot Properties playlist for June 2022


June is upon us and with it comes a rather busy period for the industry, as buyers stock up on last-minute acquisitions for the fall season and beyond. Here, we showcase a new C21 Digital Screenings playlist of hot shows for June.


As the industry’s events calendar returns to some kind of normality, June has emerged as a very busy time of the year. Coming right after the LA Screenings, this month is chock full conferences, markets and screenings, at least two every week for buyers and sellers to attend. With that in mind, what better time is there to showcase a new playlist of hot new titles on C21’s Digital Screenings?


This month the drama playlist is topped by a pair of German titles. All You Need (Bavaria Media International) follows two gay best friends navigating love together and apart, while Punishment (Wild Bunch TV) is an anthological series, based on short stories by Ferdinand von Schirach, showcasing six of the most significant and exciting directors in Germany.


From North America, meanwhile, comes White Night (ZDF Studios), a Quebecois show described as “a compelling drama that follows a family struggling to cope with an imbalance of power wielded by a person who is no longer alive, interwoven with a murder mystery.” Deadly Cheer Mom (MarVista Entertainment) follows a high-school cheer captain with a promising future who must figure out who is secretly sabotaging her before she loses everything.


Rounding out the drama slate this month are Irish/Swedish series North Sea Connection (A+E Networks), which follows a woman who is forced into an unenviable situation when her brother becomes involved in illicit drug trafficking, and Japanese series Dear My Loneliness & Darkness (TV Asahi), which follows six ex-classmates on a reunion who die one by one.


On the factual front, Roswell Rediscovered: 75th Anniversary (Blue Ant International) marks the 75th anniversary of America’s most infamous UFO incident, the crash of an allegedly extra-terrestrial craft in Roswell, New Mexico, while Built to Survive (Off the Fence) explores wild creatures that have adapted to their environment in unique and remarkable ways.


Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted (Abacus Media Rights) is described as “an emotionally charged and deeply personal documentary about Gerry Anderson, creator of some of the world’s most beloved children’s television series including Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space:1999, Terrahawks and Space Precinct.”


Adam & Ida (Autentic Distribution), meanwhile, follows Jewish twins separated as toddlers who survived the Holocaust knowing almost nothing about their roots, and Descent of a Serial Killer (Cineflix Rights) follows former FBI agent Bryanna Fox investigates as she explores what makes serial killers tick. The Legend of Sake (Japan Program Catalog – BEAJ) follows the life of a veteran brewer, who is hale and hearty in his late 80s, still pursuing mastery in making Japanese rice wine.


Embarrassing Bodies (Banijay Rights) returns for a new run with a new set of medical professionals, and Dark Side of the 90s S2 (Vice Distribution) returns for another deep dive into the decade’s untold history, revealing secrets and new perspectives. The Great Songwriters S3 (DCD Rights) offers another set of legendary songwriters as they discuss their creative processes and the inspirations behind their work.


For buyers looking for light entertainment, this month’s playlist features Organize N’Style (Red Arrow Studios International) starring home organisation expert Isabella Franke who believes a tidy home is not only a happy home but a beautiful one that promotes freedom, quality of life and saves its residents’ time.


Tunnel of Love (Sony Pictures Television Formats) is a matchmaking format where your best friend picks your suitor, while La Flamme S2 (StudioCanal) is a comedy set in the world of reality dating shows, sending up the entire genre.


For younger audiences, our June playlist includes three animated series. Superworm (Magic Light Pictures) follows a super-long and super-strong hero who always saves the day – but who can save him when he gets too full of himself and is captured by the evil Wizard Lizard?


Mironins (The Media Pioneers), meanwhile, centres of three drops of paint that come to life in Joan Miró’s paintings to live fast-paced and surreal adventures in a fascinating universe of art and imagination, and Angry Birds Maker Space S2 (Cake) sees our irate feathered friends return with an all-new 3D art style, grappling with new technologies and trends in this new non-dialogue series based on the popular game.


That’s all for June, stay tuned for more Hot Properties in July!