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Director: Kim Helminen, Juanma Sánchez Cervantes

Producer: Rovio Entertainment

Writer: Christopher Sadler

Genres: Animation

Demographics: Children

20 x 1.30’

Welcome back to a shiny new season of Angry Birds MakerSpace. The colors are brighter, the Angry Birds are cuddlier, the Piggies are sillier, and the Hatchlings are even cuter! But has Chuck learned to think before he acts? Can Red control his temper, or Bomb his explosions? Of course not!

Come along for a wild ride in MakerSpace Season 2 where the Angry Birds tackle the latest gadgets and online crazes in their all new studio, complete with production stages, innovation labs, and high tech workshops. See Red become a meme, Chuck do the impossible, the Piggies suffer a filter fail, the Hatchlings outsmarting them all, and many more rambunctious adventures!

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