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Producer: Seven.One Entertainment Group for SIXX, Joyn (Germany)

Genres: Entertainment

S01: 16 x 25', S02: 16 x 25', S3: 10 x 25' (Coming Soon)

Home organization expert Isabella Franke believes a tidy home is not only a happy home – but a beautiful one that promotes freedom, quality of life and saves its resident's time.

In this new series, we follow Isabella as she declutters, tidies up, organises, and cleans chaotic homes, introducing their residents to stylish living – complete with a touch of hygge charm. Through her unique, non-nonsense approach, termed ‘decorganizing’, she provides helpful tips, hints and shortcuts that not only leave rooms clean, tidy and functional – but also reveal new ways of making them more visually appealing.

In each episode, Isabella focuses on two problem areas in a home – anything from toy-filled children’s bedrooms and dangerously full kitchen cupboards to spare rooms where absolutely everything gets stored. And, as she works her magic, she sets simple systems in place to make sure the chaos doesn’t return. Packed with genuinely useful and transformative advice, Organize ‘n Style is an exciting lifestyle series that perfectly balances life and style!