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Producer: Floresta

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality

Demographics: 18-30, 18+, 30-50, Female, Male

60 Mins

Tunnel of Love is a matchmaking format where your best friend picks your suitor. In this unique social experiment, friendships are put to the test as 10 pairs of friends are split to live in two different houses.

They must arrange dates for each other by picking from the other contestants taking part. The two houses are connected by a tunnel where the dates take place. The dates are themed to explore the senses; dating in the dark, dating with masks, dating without sound to name just a few.

There are eliminations at the end of each week, sending one set of friend's home, who are replaced by a new pair ready to take part in the experiment. Tunnel of Love is a unique reality show that’s sure to attract the sought-after younger demo.