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Producer: Maverick TV

Genres: Factual

8 x 60’

The award-winning series Embarrassing Bodies returns for a brand-new run with a new set of medical professionals.

Routine GP check up’s have been understandably hard to arrange in recent times and with medical anxieties higher than ever for many, this educational and entertaining series will see no lump, bump or rash go unexamined, as a brave new bunch of patients will bare all and reveal a personal bodily issue that they may been keeping secret for some time.

A new team of medical experts will be on hand to help examine, explain, and hopefully provide treatment solutions for the patients’ ‘medical mysteries’, all whilst helping to destigmatise many common conditions that often go ignored or untreated.

Away from the consultation room, there will be pop-up ‘confessional clinics’ in cities around the UK, providing patients with a safe space to ask the questions they’ve been too afraid to ask, or seek advice on the embarrassing conditions they may have hidden away.

In a new addition to the format, our doctors will also focus on major health and sexual health issues, with the help of some well-known celebrity voices. These famous faces will get involved through a series of stunts, with the aim to get the people of Britain talking about these important topics.