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Director: Hannah Quinn (Vikings: Valhalla, The Stranger), Paul Murphy (Doctor Who, Cuckoo)

Producer: Mopar Studios (Red Election)

Writer: Mark Greig (Marcella, Bulletproof)

Cast: Lydia McGuinness (King Street, Her Name Is), Kerr Logan (Game of Thrones, Strike), Sinéad Cusack (V For Vendetta, Eastern Promises), Shanes McDonagh (Arracht, Impossible Monsters), Adamma Kenny (Outlander, Lés Misérables)

Genres: Drama

6 x 1 hour

This series charts the turbulent journey of the Kenny family from humble fishermen to drug runners for an international drug cartel.

Ciara Kenny fishes the waters off ireland as her family has done for generations. But when her ambitious brother, aidan, secretly agrees to carryout a drug run at sea for a nordic cartel that goes horribly wrong, their lives are forever changed. They’re now in debt to the cartel and in order to survive they must find a way to bring in the drugs while maintaining the illusion of normality - no matter what.

This rich, character-driven story explores impossibly complex family dynamics under extreme pressure.