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Director: Benjamin Gutsche

Producer: UFA Fiction, carried out by UFA Serial Drama

Executive Producer: UFA Serial Drama - Nataly Kudiabor

Writer: Benjamin Gutsche

Cast: Benito Bause, Arash Marandi, Mads Hjulmand, Frédéric Brossier, Christin Nichols, Julius Feldmeier, Karsten Speck, Mona Pirzad, Den-nis Hofmeister, Matthias Freihof, Jale Arikan, Martin Bruchmann

Genres: Drama

11 Eps. x 30 min. , Season 2 has been launched in German TV End of April

Med student Vince is roommates with web designer Levo. Best friends yet wired very differently. Both are enamored by pulsing Berlin city life and the club scene. At 20-something, neither have had a solid relationship and mostly meet men by swiping. Casual love. Live the moment. They wind up at the same place of doubt by different means. Levo believes in monogamy, soulmates and love, and is ready to take the next step. Vince chats, risks and goes with the flow. When Levo moves to the suburbs to live with his new partner Tom, something starts to change for Vince. He meets fitness coach Robbie – brash, sexy, mysterious and with a dark side. Is it love? Vince taps into a new chapter in his own life. Going from single to "in a relationship" challenges all four lovers. How much freedom does stability cost?