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Director: Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, Romain Fisson Edeline

Producer: Kapitch (a Kabo family label)

Executive Producer: Khaled Amara

Writer: Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, Khaled Amara

Cast: Anne-Elisabeth Blateau (Rachel), Eva Darlan (Pauline), Mounir Margoum(Yanis), Elodie Frenck (Hélène), Elisa Servier (Diane), Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine(Mathieu), Anne Décis (Virginie), Antoine Chappey (Jacques), Baya Rehaz (Kenza)

Genres: Comedy

10 x 26 minutes

Rachel, 40, celebrates her divorce in her own way: long, joyfully and very loudly; she has just obtained a comfortable pension, the apartment with a terrace and joint custody of her daughter, Rosa, 7 years old. But she quickly hits a wall when she discovers that her ex-husband, Yanis, is now dating her lawyer!

Annoyed and pathetic, she gets it into her head to get him back by trying to pass herself off as a ""super mum"", a super friend, an invested neighbor... Only the pressure is too strong, Rachel accumulates disasters and bad choices which very quickly distance her from the perfect woman and bring her closer to the "trouble mum".