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  • BBC, Attenborough to create Dynasty
    BBC SHOWCASE: UK pubcaster the BBC and networks in the US and France have boarded a new series fronted by naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.
  • Cuatro orders All3, ITVS formats
    Spanish broadcaster Cuatro has greenlit four entertainment formats, after agreeing licence deals with companies including ITV Studios and All3Media International.
  • Reelz – US
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: US cabsat network Reelz is calling for new unique entry points into Hollywood and celebrity culture, with coproductions and partnerships high on its list of priorities.
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  • It’s not just TV
    By Adam Benzine
    HBO held court at Sundance last month but Sheila Nevins’ departure from the documentary giant marks a turning point for the global non-fiction industry.
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Growing Spain

Broadcasters and producers alike agree Spanish drama is now as good as any in Europe, but who should profit most from this improving quality?

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An in-depth look at the latest trends shaping the global drama industry, the countries making the most exciting contributions and the impact of global SVoD.

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Spain is one of Europe’s largest markets and, as home to the world’s second most widely spoken language, it remains one of the most important and exciting.

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Netflix and Amazon continue to dominate VoD, but with Apple and Facebook entering the fray, the global map of digital buyers is being redrawn again.

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