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  • China to cut film, TV investment
    Chinese spending in the international TV and film industry could be curtailed after the country's government laid out plans to cut back overseas investment.
  • Falco, Murdoch hit out over neo-Nazis
    Univision boss Randy Falco has joined TV moguls including James Murdoch in condemning neo-Nazis in the wake of President Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville.
  • Tulipop brand makes jump to TV
    The owner of Icelandic design brand Tulipop is developing an animated series aimed at seven- to 12-year-olds based on the property.
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  • Format fortunes
    By Ed Waller
    The UK once had the international formats industry in the palm of its hand. How things have changed.

King in the North

With the collapse of Shomi and the arrival of new players such as CBS All Access and Walter Presents, the Canadian OTT space is rapidly changing.

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Netflix and Amazon continue to dominate VoD, but with Apple and Facebook entering the fray, the global map of digital buyers is being redrawn again.

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An in-depth look at the most important trends, both creative and financial, that are sweeping the global formats industry.

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With the boom in TV drama continuing and budgets spiralling upwards, the industry is adapting to an array of new players and funding models.

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