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  • Nick fires Loud House's Savino
    Viacom-owned Nickelodeon in the US has fired the creator and showrunner of children's animation The Loud House after he was accused of sexual harassment.
  • Red Arrow melts Snowman in Norway
    Germany's Red Arrow Entertainment is to close the Norwegian branch of Snowman Productions and centralise its Scandi production in Denmark.
  • Cartoon Network – EMEA
    SCHEDULE WATCH ALERT: Turner is on the look-out for more original ideas and acquisitions for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and its CN Anything app.
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  • Going off-script
    By Ed Waller
    Despite the industry focus still being firmly on drama and digital at Mipcom, there were plenty of things said, done and unveiled to keep unscripted format folks interested.
DA Big Box

Turning the tide

Phileas Productions partnered with Mediapro last year and has already seen the profile of its unscripted formats grow on the international stage.

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Spain is one of Europe’s largest markets and, as home to the world’s second most widely spoken language, it remains one of the most important and exciting.

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Netflix and Amazon continue to dominate VoD, but with Apple and Facebook entering the fray, the global map of digital buyers is being redrawn again.

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An in-depth look at the most important trends, both creative and financial, that are sweeping the global formats industry.

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