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Wild Bunch TV

Company Overview

Wild Bunch TV

WILD BUNCH is a leading independent European film & TV content distribution and production services company. With the launch of WILD BUNCH TV in 2015, the company expands its activities to co-production and distribution of TV series dedicated to the international market.

Beneficiating from the extensive network and unique know-how of WILD BUNCH in the filmed entertainment business, WILD BUNCH TV is extremely well-positioned to:
• attract talents to initiate and coproduce new TV series and source high-quality TV content
• offer a state of the art financial servicing, which makes it a unique production and acquisition partner in Europe.
• provide a privileged access to local TV broadcasters and local partners relying on a multi-domestic cinema and television distribution network in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Austria, as well as on strong relationships in the UK and the USA.


Address: 65 rue de Dunkerque


Phone: +331 43 13 21 15
E-mail: [email protected]