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Director: Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen

Producer: Maipo Film AS

Executive Producer: Lotte Sandbu, Synnøve Hørsdal

Writer: Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen, Sofia Lersol Lund

Cast: Darin Hagi, Kayd Wacays, Alfred Ekker Strande, Hanna Heider

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+


Podcast talent Klara (22) is challenged to go on a date with a random guy who is not her typical
match. After a few drinks at the local bar, Klara invites him back to her place, intrigued by the strange chemistry between them. At the flat, her date crosses the line and the evening ends
badly. After he’s gone, Klara is left feeling terrified. She quickly decides to ignore the fear and ends up at a party, drinking to forget it all. The morning after, unable to tell her friends what really happened, she realizes that it has affected her more deeply than she thought. How will she shake off the incident when her body is working against her, and her friends are starting to get worried? “About Saturday” is a drama series about Klara’s process following the assault, and about how difficult it can be to let other people in when your life is turned upside down.