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Director: William Baragan

Producer: Luizi Agudelo

Executive Producer: Stella Morales G

Writer: Camila Andrea Tobar,Sandra Constanza Alarcon

Cast: Michelle Olvera,Andy D,Lion Bagnis,Majo Vargas,Megumi Nasebe,Clara Tiezzi,Pipe

Genres: Kids, Telenovela

Demographics: Children

60 X 60’

Although Silvia has never been interested in video games, she creates her own E-Sports team "N00bees" to compete for the title of Professional League of Video Games and help her brother’s dream come true. She will have to learn to play while she competes with David, the most dedicated "Gamer" of the region, with whom she will fall in love with. What nobody knows is that something will happen which will give Silvia incredible powers and will allow her to control the way she plays videogames, and it will be epic!

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