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Director: Julia Knowles

Producer: Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Claire Kosloff, Jeff Boggs, Ciara, Rob Bagshaw, Paul J Medford

Cast: Nick Lachey, Ciara, David Dobrik, Debbie Gibson

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Kids, Reality

Demographics: Children


America’s Most Musical Family is the brand new studio-based talent show taking over the USA. Across 12 weeks, 30 singing groups, bands and duos pull out all the stops to show off their musical prowess with a special twist – everyone in their group is related in some way. Singing siblings, rocking parents and harmonizing cousins get together to show off their abilities in front of a live studio audience and a panel of three famous judges. They can perform any genre or style of music they please; whatever it takes to make them stand out from the competition! Week by week, families will be sent home until one group is ultimately crowned the country’s Most Musical Family, leaving with a cash prize and a lucrative recording contract.