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Urban Canyons

Company overview

Manchester (UK) based production and distribution specialist for drama-led history co-productions. Recent titles include EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN 5x52min and VIKING WARROR WOMEN 1x52min.

Company contact

Address: 3 Stevenson Square
M1 1DN
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 660 3383
E-mail: [email protected]

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Featured shows

God's Soldiers - Siege of Malta

Drama-led documentary on the 16th century conflict between two of the most powerful world religions, building up to a climactic battle for the very soul of Europe. Facing each other are the Christian knights of the Order of St. John and the Muslim Janissaries, the fearsome crack troops of the Sultan.

The historic events are told through the eyes of a pressganged Greek who is conscripted into the Ottoman army and his arch-rival, novice warrior Raymonde. From an early age, both are trained to fight with no mercy in the name of God, and Allah. Only one will survive.

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Viking Warrior Women

Historians believed all Viking warriors were men. But new archaeological findings in Sweden reveal a startling twist to history that some warriors were female, challenging centuries of presumptions about the role of women in the Viking Age.

Drama led documentary tells the story of 20-year old Signe, who driven by revenge for the murder of her father, sets out from 10th century Sweden on an incredible journey along the Russian river networks. Like the woman found in the Birka grave, Signe rises to become a military leader of the most important Viking trading town of its age.