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Director: Barry Pintar

Producer: World Educational Media

Writer: Barry Pintar

Cast: Barry Pintar, Madison Eveland

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children, Preschool

18 x 30’

The Emmy-Award winning creators of "Mumfred and Monkey" took the most proven, successful, children's television programming elements of the last several decades and melded them into this new and fresh program.

Monkey, the red, long-haired full body puppet is the star!

His owner, Mumfred runs the Willy Wonka-like "Monkeyville Monkey Food Factory."

They are combined with a host of supporting characters including:

• Aunt Po, a southern School Teacher, favorite Aunt.
• The Kingdom of Fradilyicious, "where toys come to life”.
• The Socks, a silly duo formatted with an interactive "Mad-Libs" book-type feel.
• Moving, Grooving and Pretending, a ground-breaking kids exercise segment addressing the lack of fitness in 21st century kids.

Each episode includes teaching segments including: Geography/Spelling/Reading/Math (based on pre-school and early elementary teaching concepts); and an over-all episode character education theme.