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Director: Akim Kartashov

Producer: Peter Samoylov, Eduard Matsaberidze, Maxim Fedorov, Maxim Shishkanov, Julia Akhmedova

Cast: Julia Akhmedova

Genres: Entertainment, Reality

Demographics: 15+

10 х 24 min

This new show makes men realize the seriousness of claims their girlfriends/wives have for them. She may not like to be called ‘dumpling’, she may be irritated by his passion for computers, she may be sick and tired of spending most of their dates in company of his best friend. Men say “It’s ridicule and unimportant”, women say “We need to talk”. Each episode of the show the host - a famous female stand-up comic Julia Akhmedova - meets a girl who has a problem with her partner. Basing on the info gathered from her, Julia prepares a comedy-set. During a stand-up concert Julia presents her set in front of the girl’s partner who has no idea that he’s been invited to be publicly roasted for his disregard for his girlfriend.