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Director: Sergey Sentsov, Fedor Stukov, Dmitriy Gubarev

Producer: Anton Shchukin, Artyom Loginov, Alexander Doulerain, Anton Zaytsev

Executive Producer: Maxim Filatov

Writer: Kseniya Voronina, Konstantin Mayer, Alexander Vyalih

Cast: Dmitriy Nagiev, Alexander Gordon, POplina Grents, Anastasiya Panina, Vladimir Sichyov

Genres: Comedy

Demographics: 15+

Gym Coach

TNT Broadcasting Network
77 (4 seasons) x 24 min

Foma has been a loyal bodyguard of a mafia kingpin all his life. However, when his boss chooses to go legit, he kicks Foma out without giving it a second thought. Feeling lost and desperate, the main character makes up a plan to become a gym coach at the school of his ex-boss’ daughter and, by proving his loyalty to her father, get his old job back. Foma is not your typical school teacher, he speaks the language of the mob and acts like a real tough dude. However, deep down inside, he is a man of good heart and solid principles. At some point Foma even starts to enjoy teaching kids and gets a loyal following of his own. Also, he falls in love with Tanya, a beautiful teacher, who refuses to fall for his charms. In fact, the gym coach will have to work very hard to win her over. In the course of the series Foma emerges as a new man who stays true to his principles, but discovers a whole new world around him.

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