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Director: Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Producer: Anton Shchukin, Peter Vnukov

Executive Producer: Yevgenia Khripkova, Dmitry Pachulia

Writer: Peter Vnukov, Alexey Karaulov, Yevgenia Khripkova, Vladislava Amangeldyevna, Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Cast: Alexander Petrov, Andrey Burkovsky, Yulia Aleksandrova, Yuliya Khlynina, Alexandra Revenko, Anton Vasiliev, Anna Nevskaya ,Yana Koshkina, Igor Mirkurbanov, Danila Yakushev, Marusya Klimova, Alena Mordovina

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Demographics: 15+


Two brothers: one is a successful and talented actor who enjoys fame, money and women. He lives a carefree and irresponsible life without any concern in the world. The other brother is also an actor but he is poor, talentless and unsuccessful. All he wants in life is to trade places with his brother. Well, his wish may soon come true, once they find out that the successful brother has AIDS. “Call DiCaprio” is a modern-day tale of Mozart and Salieri. It is a story about envy and one’s darkest secrets hidden deep in their souls only to be uncovered through dramatic events.