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Director: Dmitriy Dyachenko

Producer: Semen Slepakov, Vyacheslav Dyusmukhametov, Arthur Dzhanibekyan, Alexander Doulerain

Executive Producer: Andrey Levin, Alexey Volkov, Taymuraz Badziev

Writer: Darya Gratsevich, Julia Galichenko

Cast: Boris Dergachyov, Darya Moroz, Lubov Aksenova, Anastasiya Kalashnikova

Genres: Comedy

Demographics: 15+

16 х 24 min

Tolya is a successful businessman with a full gentleman's set, i.e. wife Rita and lover Natasha. He gets totally lost choosing between the two girls. Tolya decides to cheat on both of them with the stripper (Milana) from the club, it was the his best friend Vovchik’s advice to have a one-night stand with the first girl Tolya meets and to stay with the one he will feel shame towards. Later on Tolya simultaneously receives hard-hitting news from all three girls – they all got pregnant by HIM. While being a responsible person, who has been dreaming of children for a long time, Tolya suggests that the three of them move to his house and raise the children together. This story spreads throughout the city in totally different interpretations.
Wife Rita was clueless about the lover. They were dreaming about children together with Tolya, they were running business in the kid’s café and were building their nest. They had been trying to conceive a child for many years, but everything was in vain. After finding out about this chaotic situation, Rita still has very tender feelings towards her husband and tries to understand and forgive him. She welcomes the women to her house hoping that everything is going to fix itself and the women would leave. Rita peacefully communicates with Milana, however, she feels hostility towards Natasha.
Lover Natasha is a young girl with a very rich father. Her parents are going through a drama. Once the father cheated on her mother, ever since it has been prohibited to date married men in their family. Natasha hides the name of her baby and Tolya’s family status from her parents, she talks about her adventures only with the psychologist. She refuses to live with her parents and can’t live in her own apartment because she invites her father’s lover with her half-sister to live in it. Moving to Tolya’s and Rita’s house was ideal for Natasha. She was absolutely sure that Tolya would leave the family soon.

Milana is not planning to become a mother, she conceals this pregnancy and wants to terminate it. Tolya is totally against abortion and tries to do everything to prevent it. A little later, Milana understands that she does not want to lose the child and agrees to move to Tolya’s and Rita’s house. She easily communicates with Rita, however, the relations with Natasha are not going well.

Each girl demands special attention, which is typical of pregnant women, and Tolya is trying to please each of them and to rush at the first ultrasound of each of them. Milana finds out that she is having twins, which means that Tolya is going to have four, not three kids.

Using the connections of her father, Natasha deprives Tolya and Rita of their rights to the house. She issues an ultimatum to Rita: she can have either the house or Tolya. Rita gives the keys and tells Natasha a story from Tolya’s childhood. His father was dating one girl, who got pregnant by him, and he broke up with her, then he dated another girl, and the story repeated. When dating the third girl, Tolya’s father decided to build a family with her, and they had a baby. This story took place in a small city, where everyone knew each other. The only thing that Tolya could not understand was why the father had chosen the boy from the third woman, not from the other one. Later one, the love triad happened in Tolya’s life, therefore his decision was obvious. He stays with three children and brings up all of them together.

Natasha insanely pours gasoline on the floor in the hall and tells Tolya’s wife that same day Rita told him about pregnancy, he was planning to break up with her. Natasha leaves with that. Rita burns a joint photo with Tolya and leaves the house as well. The draft opens up the balcony door and the candle falls on the table … the house is on fire!

“I must be doing something wrong” – are the last Tolya’s words …