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Producer: Kitchen Factory Prodcution

Genres: Factual, Format

All Together At The Table

The Story Lab

All Together At The Table is a factual entertainment cooking show, where a celebrity chef cooks live from their kitchen. The chef will cook a menu composed of two recipes for four people that are simple and easy to make, consisting of a starter and main course or a main course and dessert. Beforehand the chef communicates on social networks the list of ingredients to be purchased so that viewers can follow the chef’s recipe instructions in real time.

During the masterclass, the chef is accompanied remotely by their assistant and co-host, who from their kitchen at home tries to follow the chef’s good advice to the letter. Several families and a celebrity ‘guest’ also join in real time to follow the instructions of the chef from their homes.

Originally airing as ‘Tous en Cuisine avec Cyril Lignac’ at 18.45pm weekdays on M6 in France, the format achieved the highest ratings on the channel in the time slot since 2014. A positive and family inclusive format that can be economical to produce and flexible to schedule, it was originally produced and aired during global lock-down. It was filmed remotely live from participants and is the perfect example of how small adaptations can be made to accommodate social distancing during filming.

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