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Director: J.J. Johnson
Producer: Rennata Lopez
Executive Producer: Matthew J.R. Bishop,J.J. Johnson,Blair Powers
Writer: J.J. Johnson
Cast: Michael Lagimodiere,Dominique Boisvenue
People: Blair Powers, Dominique Boisvenue, J.J. Johnson, Matthew J.R. Bishop, Michael Lagimodiere, Rennata Lopez
Giver 150

43 X 22’

Giver is a non-scripted design series that engages children to get involved in the world around them by building playgrounds in their own communities. Over three days, six kids are joined by local businesses, volunteers and our Giver hosts to design and build a playground they will get to play on by the end of the episode!
Over three seasons Giver kids have built 33 unique playgrounds across Ontario but the upcoming fourth season is Giver’s most ambitious to date. Taking playground construction to our nation’s capital Ottawa, Giver will build the Biggest Playground in the country to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!
Over the course of 10 episodes, a diverse group of kids from all over Canada work together to build the country’s largest playground in the shape of the map of Canada. Each episode will focus on building a smaller part of the playground in the shape of one province or territory, celebrating that region's unique geography, history and people. Throughout the experience the Giver team learn not only about giving back, but also about their province, their capital and their country.

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