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Director: Teo Frank
Producer: Teo Frank
Executive Producer: Teo Frank,Mason Strehl,Theo Reynal
Writer: Teo Frank,Emile Domine
Cast: Awon Phoniks,Ian McGinley,Tiffany Johnson,Marcus Whitherspoon,Antwan Wiggings,Ian MCGingley,Pel Peltier,Flip Giles,Shawn Witherspoon,Marc Walker,Chad Johnson,Donique Wiggins
Genres: Documentary
Demographics: All audiences
People: Antwan Wiggings, Awon Phoniks, Chad Johnson, Donique Wiggins, Emile Domine, Flip Giles, Ian MCGingley, Ian McGinley, Marc Walker, Marcus Whitherspoon, Mason Strehl, Pel Peltier, Shawn Witherspoon, Teo Frank, Theo Reynal, Tiffany Johnson


Artists who are still preserved from the tumult of the current music industry, artists who proudly advocate their independence without which they would not be created, exist-to-live.
For sixty-five minutes, Téo Frank takes you into his meeting with awon, Phoniks, Tiff The Gift and Dephlow. A story of friendship and panache, the favorite mirror of the French.

Téo Frank was just 18 and an aspiring director when he decided to try his luck at filmmaking on the other side of the Atlantic. After a series of encounters and experiences, his trip took a turn when he crossed paths with photographer Mason Strehl in Alaska. Their encounter took him to New York where he got the chance to work with devotees to hip hop, talented artists like Awon Phoniks. From this adventure a documentary was born called UNDERDOGS. Who are the rappers in this film? Téo didn’t know them when he began, and never dreamed their encounter would change his life the way it did.

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