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Director: Vincent Lannoo
Producer: Elzévir Films
Writer: Bruno Dega, Jeanne Le Guillou
Cast: Emilie Dequenne (See You Up There), Béatrice Dalle (Call My Agent S3), Judith El Zein (What’s in a Name?), Mylène Demongeot (The Midwife) and Noémie Schmidt (Radin)
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A young woman about to leave a psychiatric clinic is found dead. Ana’s heart has been torn out.
Angèle, 29 years old, investigates alone for her first case.
Most police officers are disturbed by ‘mad’ people, but she finds the inmates engaging, lively and amusing, maybe more so than ‘normal’ individuals. Yet the case baffles her. Who can she trust? What is the relationship between staff and patients? And what are the secrets of the psychiatrist couple who run the place? Are there clues in Ana’s diary, found half-destroyed?
The inquiry shakes Angèle’s grip on reality, driving her to the brink of madness but also towards the truth.

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