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Director: Steve Mcgregor

Producer: Sylvia Warmer

Executive Producer: Liz Watts

Writer: Nakkiah Lui and Gabe Dowrick

Cast: Nakkiah Lui, Jack Charles, Meyne Wyatt, Ursula Yovich, Eryn Jean Norvill, Aaron Mcgrath plus guests From Christine Anu, Brooke Satchwell, Luke Arnold, Yael Stone, Tony Briggs, Luke Carroll, Annie Maynard, Grant Denyar, Miranda Tapsell And Kate Miller-Heidke

6 x 30mins

Climate change, Donald Trump, economic catastrophe, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, pandemics, meteors, never-ending wars: maybe it’s not that crazy to assume the end is nigh?

In Australia, colonisation was an apocalypse that only happened 200 years ago and look how well that worked out for Aboriginal people. The one thing we can be certain about in this world is that people will fuck each other over. So, when the end comes… no matter how it happens… maybe it’s not that crazy to be prepared? Maybe the crazy thing is to NOT be prepared?

PREPPERS is a narrative comedy series that follows Charlie (Nakkiah Lui), a young Aboriginal woman, who experiences her own, personal, cataclysmic event when her life crumbles around her. Escaping the fallout, Charlie finds herself at the centre of a mismatched community of ‘preppers’ planning for the apocalypse.

There’s the vain survivalist obsessed with self-image, the woke millennial, a pair of optimistic religious extremists, a conspiracy loving survivalist, a woke millennial and finally a young Aboriginal woman who after a series of calamitous life events and keenly aware of Australia’s colonial past - becomes increasingly concerned about her future.

The group come together because they don’t have the individual resources to survive doomsday on their own.

PREPPERS is about how a community is born. Their shared anxieties reveal the funny and unique personal fears of each character. How, despite the differences and disagreements, a group of misfits looking to find company and hope can form a strong bond as they cling to survival in the face of an ultimate uncertainty: their hypothetical doom.

Company name: Spirit Pictures Pty Ltd
Spirit Pictures is the new production company of Liz Watts, previously owner and director of Porchlight Films based in Sydney, which closed in June 2020.

Spirit’s first production (co-produced with Porchlight) is 6-part comedy series, Preppers, created by Nakkiah Lui and Gabe Dowrick, produced by Sylvia Warmer and executive produced by Liz Watts for ABC TV currently in post production.

Spirit’s principal Liz Watts is currently also Executive Producing Fires, 6-part anthology series about the devastating 2019/20 Australian bushfires. Other Executive Producer credits include 6-part Peter Duncan created series Operation Buffalo for ABC TV in Australia, and 6-part series Stateless for ABC TV and Netflix internationally. Liz is also Executive Producer on the 6-season US series adaptation of Animal Kingdom for TNT.

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