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Home > Screenings > RTBF Creative > Bubble Experiment (Dans la Bulle de)

Producer: RTBF

Executive Producer: Okiswitch

Genres: Format

26 minutes

In a sensory experience like no other, a celebrity is invited to step inside a futuristic-looking dome to go on a journey to the centre of his memory.

Seated in a high-tech smart armchair that features various kinds of motion, the guest is guided solely by a soft and soothing voice. Little by little, the guest lifts the veil on memories that are buried deep down or nearer the surface, by opening, one by one, 4 sensory capsules that each contain a stimulus: an image, a scent, a sound, a taste, a sensation.

During this intimate encounter, all of the guest’s senses are awakened. The voice of the presenter, serving as both pilot and confidante as they go on a journey like no other, leads them to the discovery of unique sensations and startling emotions. Alone in their tempo-sensory bubble and facing a screen, the celebrity is confronted with the testimony of their nearest and dearest (friends and family), their fans and other celebs.