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Director: Evgeny Sangadzhiev

Producer: Sergey Bondarchuk, Alexey Kiselev, Anastasia Koretskaya, Vyacheslav Murugov, Maxim Rybakov, Denis Gorshkov

Writer: Mikhail Zubkov, Vladimir Vasiliev

Cast: Elena Tronina, Denis Vlasenko, Alexander Gorchilin, Lyubov Tolkalina, Lukerya Ilyashenko

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+


The series depicts a young couple's journey who have decided to turn their relationship into a sexual attraction for the whole world through the Webcam.

They are outsiders who only found love in their 20s and were afraid to show their feelings. He is addicted to porn, suffers from social phobia, and is prone to spending days at home. She is anxious, not fully aware of her body, and has never experienced a single orgasm.