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Producer: Isla Producciones
Companies: ,

240 x 1/2 hr

Teenagers sometimes have a hard time dealing with problems on their own. How about their parents? Well, they just don’t know how to help them anymore. FISHBOWL tells the story of an unorthodox psychologist hired by a suburban high school to help with their challenging student population.

Our teenage patients, like the fish in an aquarium exposed to public view, will reveal life as they experience it, while Eve Sawyer, a straightforward, 35-year-old psychologist will sit on the other side of the glass of this fishbowl decided to help them, no matter what. Not an easy task for someone who can barely deal with her own personal problems.

FISHBOWL portrays the inner conflicts and doubts of modern youth through its lead characters: problematic students who attend sessions with this very special psychologist. And if the case requires it, she wont doubt to apply quite unorthodox but very effective methods. Eve’s desk is unofficially named by the students as “The Fishbowl”, as it is a glassed-in room gathering all of the “fish out of water” from the school.

FISHBOWL attempts to be a realistic series, reflecting the experience of certain characters whose stories could be the reality of any teenager in any family. The consultant psychologist at the student center, is forced to run sessions in most of the cases, but also willingly in others. She is a committed professional, convinced about her peculiar methods which she will often use with the single purpose of achieving her aim: to dive deep into her patients’ minds, unraveling the reasons for their behavior.

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