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Producer: Rabbit Films

Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Format

People: Rabbit Films

Should I Be Worried

Rabbit Films
60 minutes

Should I be worried that my partner doesn’t want to change stinky diapers?
Should I be worried that when I see a police of cer I feel guilty despite not doing anything illegal? And should I be worried when I’m secretly hoping for a zombie apocalypse?

Should I Be Worried? is a weekly comedy panel show to answer about the ordinary -and extraordinary- worries we all face in our daily lives. The viewers send the panel questions that keep them awake at night. Using e-mail, text messages, social media and a special dedicated phone line, people from all over the country have poured their hearts out to the panel. All of the worries are real, coming straight from the viewers. Some are age-old, but some so awkwardly personal that the panellists must reveal something about themselves as well.

Every week three panellists, and a special celebrity guest, try to answer to the given worries, usually with a big dose of humour. The panel consists of the wittiest and most sarcastic minds of the nation. And the weekly guests can vary from a pop star, to a well-known priest, to the former President of the country.

One thing is certain: a country will never run out of woes, miseries or doubts. This is de nitely a format that is destined for a very long run. The question remains: What are you worried about?

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