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Director: Antti Hacklin
Producer: Reija Virolainen
Executive Producer: Jasmine Patrakka,Olli Suominen,Tuomas Summanen
Writer: Jani Uotila
Cast: Lenita Airisto,Tarja Smura,Lola Odusoga,Karita Tykkä,Riitta Väisänen,Lotta Näkyvä,Heidi Sohlberg,Pia Lamberg
Genres: Format
People: Antti Hacklin, Heidi Sohlberg, Jani Uotila, Jasmine Patrakka, Karita Tykkä, Lenita Airisto, Lola Odusoga, Lotta Näkyvä, Olli Suominen, Pia Lamberg, Reija Virolainen, Riitta Väisänen, Tarja Smura, Tuomas Summanen
Shows: Queen of the Day
Companies: Rabbit Films
Queen of the Day

8 x 60 minutes

In Queen of the Day eight beauty pageant winners, from different decades, come together to a glamourous mansion to share their real untold stories.

During an unforgettable eight-day journey, each of these strong and successful women have their own day to tell their life story from childhood, to their coronation, and beyond.

In each episode, the ladies will gather together to discuss issues close to their hearts and whosever day it is, they will choose a personal activity that all the queens will do together.

And finally, the day culminates in a fabulous dinner served at an elegant round table, hosted by queen of the day. We will hear about their greatest highs, deepest sorrows, most proud achievements and even their worst scandals.

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