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60 minutes

Do you know your LOL from ROLF? Or difference between AI and VR? Don’t worry… neither do they! conWEBsation is a timely studio-based comedy panel show which tests celebrities on what kind of level they master the rapidly evolving tech/digital world out there.

The permanent four panelists are joined in each episode by a weekly changing celebrity guest, such as: a popstar, a journalist or an Instagram Star. Head of the panel kicks of the show by appointing tasks to the panel. The subjects of these tasks vary from the most important Social Media, the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of Robotics as well as the most current hilarious internet memes. The panel with regular panelists and the guest celebrity all compete against each other in a friendly way to see who of them is the most tech savvy. One with most points wins!

conWEBsation offers big realizations, produces digital literacy as well as uncontrollable bursts of laughter!

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