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Productions Casablanca


Productions Casablanca

Company overview

Productions Casablanca has carved out a place in the television landscape with its original primetime productions. The success of its television series lies mainly in the Montreal-based company’s primary mission: to offer quality content by providing creators with a production environment that measures up to their imaginations. The company’s creative vision gives rise to stories and characters that resonate with a wide audience and leave a mark on the collective imagination, both at home and abroad. The many awards and honours it has received attest to that fact. As further proof, the television series Les Invincibles was sold and adapted in France. READ MORE

Programming Profile

Casablanca steps up development, sales

Montreal-based Productions Casablanca is seizing the sales opportunity created by the pandemic-related production hiatus with its portfolio of French-Canadian dramas and dramedies.


With broadcasters across the globe facing a content drought as production remains frozen in many countries, Productions Casablanca has turned its focus to development and the exploitation of its existing catalogue, prompting some surprising results.


“Les Invincibles, a series that we shot some 15 years ago, is suddenly back on the table now,” says Charles Ohayon, executive producer and head of international distribution at Productions Casablanca. “Two broadcasters have already called to see if the rights for an English-language adaptation are available. So we’re very happy, actually, because it’s from the same creative team as Happily Married.”



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