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Director: Simon Pike

Producer: John Mckenna

Executive Producer: Michele Schofield

Writer: Richard Thomas

Cast: Nadia Ramlee, Chio Su Ping, Jeremy Linn, Marlon Dance-Hooi, Marc Thompson

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Comedy, Entertainment, Kids

Oddbods Special: Oddbeard's Curse

One Animation Pte Ltd
1 x 22mins

Fuse is enduring another fruitless day’s fishing when somewhat out-of-character, his line goes taught as it snags on something big, like really big. With one almighty heave, he hauls from the lake a catch of the decade: A treasure chest!
Whilst landing his catch Fuse loses a tooth but undeterred by a missing molar, he returns home, eager to open his prize. Alas, he’s saddened to discover that the chest is full of useless pirate junk and nought of real value except for a shiny gold tooth - a perfect replacement for the one he’s lost.
With the loot shared amongst friends, the Oddbods prepare to throw a pirate-themed party but back at the lake it appears the gold tooth has awakened something, or should I say, someone, long since forgotten.

The gold tooth belongs to none other than the Dread Pirate OddBeard and no pirate worth his sea-salt allows stolen treasures to be re-stolen. So OddBeard and his crew of hearty misfits rise from the depths and march on Oddsville to reclaim what is un-rightfully theirs. Only now, OddBeard is a ghost and his ship-mates are nothing more than bones, bandanas and bad breath!

This will be a pirate-party for the ages. Yarrrrrrr!

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