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Producer: Mopar Studios

Genres: Factual

The Last Journey Of The Vikings

NENT Studios UK
4 x 60’

Epic in scale and charting a sweeping story that has its origins in the sixth century and ends with the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, this landmark, high-end drama-doc tells the story of why Vikings chose to leave Denmark and travel across Europe. It starts by exploring the impact of climate change in Scandinavia and how this, along with land rights and a transition from rowing to sailing ships, gave rise to these infamous pirates in search of a better life. The episodes then trace Viking adventures and advancements from Scandinavia through to France, where they attacked monasteries and villages before swapping brutality for diplomacy. With the help of dramatic re-creations and CGI, leading academics examine their actions and explain how cultural integration and the influence of Christianity allowed them to play a huge part in transforming Europe into what it is today.

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