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Director: Gareth Tunley

Producer: Mike Benson, Sebastian Cardwell, Rebecca Davies

Writer: Karyn Dougan Buckland, Mark Buckland

Cast: Sally Lindsay, Daniel Ryan, Paul Higgins

Genres: Drama

Cold Call

NENT Studios UK
4 x 60’

Excessively selfless June Clarke is trying to make ends meet as a carer; when not at work, she's looking after her housebound mother Sophie. When June loses her job due to cutbacks and her daughter Hana announces she's pregnant, June rashly decides to sell her house to try and help her daughter. On the night before the move, she takes a call from her bank. Only it's not her bank – it's a cold call fraudster who's been talking to Sophie for weeks, prying for information. Overnight, June's generous act turns into a nightmare as she is stripped of her money. Penniless and pushed to destitution, June looks for help and finds old schoolmate Des Grigsby running a support group for fraud victims. Des' obsession might be the way for June to get her money back – he's uncovered a vast fraud network that he believes is led by successful local businessman Kirk Wiley. As Des and June probe deeper, a job opportunity opens up at Kirk's house to care for his elderly mother Elisabeth. Hesitant, June applies for the job and is taken with Kirk's lifestyle and flashy charm. Feeling a burden, Sophie commits suicide in a vain attempt to cash in a life insurance policy. Having now lost her money, her mother and her daughter's future, June is angry and grieving but remains unconvinced that Kirk is a fraudster. As she digs behind the facade, she uncovers a dysfunctional family: sidelined, bitter daughter, Lizzie; imprisoned, anxious wife, Laura; and Elisabeth, a mother who holds dark secrets. But what is Kirk's secret? June will have to negotiate a world she does not understand, face the risk of being caught as the cuckoo in the nest at any moment, and gamble her own life to descend into the heart of Kirk's world and get her money back.

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