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Director: Serdar Gözelekli
Producer: Fatih Aksoy
Executive Producer: Med
Writer: Hatice Meryem, Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt, Ebru Hacıoğlu, Verda Pars,
Cast: Burak Deniz,Hazal Kaya, Reha Özcan, Yağız Can Konyalı, Nesrin Javadzadeh, Mehmet Korhan Fırat, Nejat İşler
People: Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt, Burak Deniz, Ebru Hacıoğlu, Fatih Aksoy, Hatice Meryem, HAZAL KAYA, Med, Mehmet Korhan Fırat, Nejat İşler, Nesrin Javadzadeh, Reha Özcan, Serdar Gözelekli, Verda Pars, Yağız Can Konyalı
Bizim Hikaye

208 x 60

Filiz (Hazal Kaya) has been struggling to survive in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Istanbul. She is the typical big sister who has become the mother of the family, looking after her five younger siblings and her useless, alcoholic father (Fikri). Filiz’s brothers are strong, upright, ‘diverse’ children; a bit ridiculous from time to time, having gotten away with never learning how to look after themselves. Filiz’s best friend, Tulay, is a troublesome girl who earns her money from day to day affairs. Filiz thinks that there is no place for love in her life up until the day she meets Baris (Burak Deniz), who is so in love with Filiz that he will do anything to become a part of the family. The only problem is Cengiz, the over-protective cop who has been in love with Filiz for years. On top of that making life hard for Baris and Filiz, his mysterious identity and dark past puts their relationship in danger. Despite the troubles caused by their drunk father, the six siblings try to keep a positive, happy outlook on life; along the way, they will each find themselves at a cross-road as life takes them on a new roller-coaster ride every day.

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