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Director: Gül Oguz,Mehmet Cagatay Tosun

Producer: Most Production

Executive Producer: Most Production

Writer: Mahinur Ergun

Cast: İbrahim Çelikol,Özgü Namal,Burçin Terzioğlu,Yasemin Allen

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences, Female

People: BURCİN TERZIOGLU, Gül Oğuz, İbrahim Çelikol, Mahinur Ergun, Mehmet Cagatay Tosun, Most Production, OZGU NAMAL, Yasemin Allen

The Mercy (Merhamet)

Lucid Dream Entertainment

“The Mercy” is the merciless life story of Narin who managed to hold on to life against humiliation, violence and hunger playing the big sister role for her sisters and brother at her young age. Her persistence to go to school and study, the emotional wall she built to protect herself and her hope for the future, helped her to move out of the village and built a life from scratch. Even though her story coming to big city was quite complicated, somehow, she created her own chances, and she found a shelter upon her arrival. Meeting Deniz who is a lonely girl from upper class changed her life positively and they became so close like sisters.
Deniz has a jealous and spoiled sister Irmak who decides to return to Istanbul by relinquishing her comfortable and luxurious life in Switzerland. Now Irmak wants Deniz for herself and does not enjoy Deniz and Narin’s sisterhood like friendship.
Narin is now a hard-working, promising lawyer. She never shares her past with anyone except Deniz. Narin secretly stalks her abusive father’s new life. Her father who built a new family is now treating his children unbelievably nice. Narin is devastated to find out that the person who turned their life into a nightmare is now an angelic father figure.
Our story starts at a cocktail party upon Irmak’s arrival with her fiancé́. That night, Narin found some comfort in alcohol after finding out the truth about her father. The night has another twist with Irmak’s arrival to her welcome back party. Narin unsure if she is drunk or dreaming sees Fırat. They are introduced as Irmak’s fiancé́. Firat is her one and only love that she had to give up on when she buried her past. The only man she longed for. Firat, Vice General Manager of a bank acts as if he does not recognize her. Narin torn between her past and present, starts feeling like her walls are falling apart. Through flashbacks we visit Narin’s past while complicated events between the law firm, Fırat, Irmak and Deniz arise in the present.
“The Mercy” is a deep character drama of a young woman whose life is full of tragic events, who survived against all odds and designed her future but life had other plans for her and everyone she loved. For Narin, facing the past and her long-lost family will be the biggest challenge so far.
The Mercy is one of the most loved Turkish series which set the trend for strong female lead and proved its success with incredible shares up to 23% in total demographics.
Broadcast Period: Kanal D, 2013-2014 Timeslot: PT , 44x90’ , Weekly
*Adapted from Hande Altayli’s Kahperengi - The Bitchy Brown Eyes by Mahinur Ergun one of the top scriptwriters of Turkey. Available as remake with flexible durations and number of episodes.

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