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Home > Screenings > LOOKSfilm > Expulsion. Odsun - The Sudetenland

Director: Matthias Schmidt

Producer: Ramona Bergmann, Regina Bouchehri

Executive Producer: Gunnar Dedio

Writer: Matthias Schmidt, Vít Poláček

Genres: Documentary, Factual

45’, 2x52’

Discrimination, expulsion, ethnic cleansing: In context with World War II, these words became a horrifying reality for so many – like those living in the area of the Sudeten mountains in Central Europe.
For centuries, Czech- and German-speaking populations had lived here as neighbours. Until 1938: When Nazi Germany annexed the ‘Sudetenland’, thousands of Czechs were forced to leave, even more – especially Jews – were deported to concentration camps and murdered. But in 1945, the tables turned: After the Nazis had been defeated, the atrocities and injustices experienced by the Czechs during the occupation fuelled a wave of unbridled hatred and violence towards the German-speaking population, whether Nazi or not. Some 3 million ‘Sudeten Germans’ lost their homes and homeland.

In a multi-perspective approach, this German-Czech-Austrian co-produced documentary tells of how friends became enemies, neighbours became strangers and victims became perpetrators. Personal stories combine with expert statements, creating a multi-layered narrative that shows the scars left in the minds and in the land itself. But that also gives a voice to those who are building bridges and seeking reconciliation.

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