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Director: Lyne Charlebois

Producer: Mélanie Lamothe

Executive Producer: Léa Pascal, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Louis Morissette

Writer: Marie-Thé Morin

Cast: Hélène Florent, Gabriel Sabourin, Jean-Michel Le Gal, Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie, Charles Bender

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences


Back in her hometown after a tragic mistake that destroyed her career, detective Marianne Desbiens is immediately thrust into a homicide investigation. An unidentified young Indigenous woman was found murdered near the river that skirts the small mining community in the North of the Country. Marianne’s return to her hometown seems to open old wounds. Meanwhile, her 15-year-old son Billy isn’t thrilled with the sudden change in environment. He resents being exiled from his urban stomping grounds but is willing to give small-town life a shot if it means reconnecting with his estranged father, Joe.

In search of redemption, Marianne throws herself into this troubling affair that sends shockwaves through the community – and her own family.