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Japan Program Catalog


Japan Program Catalog - BEAJ

Company overview

Japan Program Catalog is the largest Japanese TV content showcase. Over 1,100 titles, including dramas, anime, and formats that will capture audiences far and wide. Online screening is available for a large number of recent programs. Japan’s enchanting culture, current trends, cuisine, and must-see sites are just a few clicks away. Buyers can also contact sellers directly and get all the additional program information they need. Japan Program Catalog is operated by Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (BEAJ) that has over 90 broadcasters and content providers as its members. READ MORE

Programming Profile

Japan targets global market with fresh content


There has been a sea-change in Japan’s international TV strategy in recent years, as exports and partnerships take centre stage. BEAJ chief Yukiko Kimishima talks us through the big trends and the organisation’s C21 Digital Screenings playlist.


For many years, Japan was – rightly or wrongly – perceived by the international TV industry as a closed market, hard to sell into and with only animé and extreme endurance formats coming out.


It’s something that Yukiko Kimishima, Chief Executive of Business Management of the Broadcast Programme Export Association of Japan (BEAJ), acknowledges: “Japanese programmes were in the past mainly produced with the Japanese audience in mind, so it was not often that Japanese dramas or variety shows became hits in foreign countries.”


But things have changed in recent years. Changed a lot. Japan has developed a much more outward-facing television industry, is working more with Western partners and has started creating and exporting shows that are geared towards international as well as domestic success.



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Yukiko Kimishima

Mathieu Bejot

Hirosh Yamashta

Travel Shows, Cuisine and Traditions of Japan From Japan Program Catalog - BEAJ